Bukkit Statistics Plugin

MineStats is a advanced bukkit statistics plugin which includes a simple setup and a classy way for your players to view their stats online!

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Control Pannel

Sign up, Sign in and have access to our great control panel. Add your server with a simple name and IP address, then connect it to your server using the key provided. It's simple.


MineStats is free as we want you as the server owner and your players to have the best experiance while playing Minecraft.

Player Profiles

Each player that joins one of your servers get their very own profile where all of there personal stats are displayed.

Online stats view

When you sign and you chose your sub-domain name. For example I chose 'Endersouls', the domain is used by your players to access all of their stats.

Bukkit plugin

The MineStats plugin is very light-weight and built to be used with Bukkit.